Adding Aux-in to RNS-E? What do i need to do?


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Jun 15, 2014
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Ive just bought an S3 and want to add Aux-in to the RNS-E so i can play music off my phone .

Do i just need the aux-in plug and cable and it plugs into the RNS-E, or is it not that simple?

Part numbers would be superb! :D
You will need a grey 32 pin connector 1J0 972 977 G
OEM Aux-in 3.5mm plug (8J0 035 475)
Then wire the 3 from the aux to the 32 pin connector and connections are
Aux In Left - pin 22 of AV Connector
Aux In Right - pin 6 of AV Connector
Aux In Ground - pin 21 of AV Connector

then coding via vcds
Superb mate, thats brilliant!!

What needs done via vcds?
Sat nav needs coding to say it has aux to enable it to work
I have an audi concert and am replacing it with a new rns e. The one that's in there already has aux is it just a case of unplugging it out the back of unit and fitting it to bk of rns?? Only other option was Bluetooth for phone and streaming music, anyone know what I need for this & roughly how much? Cheers guys
Ive ordered bits from TPS for delivery tomorrow, ill try get it done along with cruise control this week.