biggest wheels on an s3?

think these bentleys are 20's but no bigger

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S3 on Bentleys looks amazing, whoever thought of that must be a genius! :p

The Bentleys were 19x9 with 215 35 19 tyres. Didnt drive the smoothest on them, but looked good (in my opinion)

Have driven an S3 on 20's and it sucked. Plus most affordable 20's are likely to be cast, combined with the super low profile tyres needed to get them to fit, it is highly likely you will be forever cracking/welding them back up.

From experience I would go with a set of wide 18's with a tyre with a decent sidewall height for a balance of looks and performance.
haha sorry dude, i actually like bentleys on some newer audi, dont suit the s3 imo mate!-) i was just curious, remember in the 90's when people were cutting their corsa b's to bits to fit 18's!-) its mad how 18's a pretty small today, the s3 doesnt do 18's any favours with its huge arches, 18's look much better on the golfs/r32's
I ran 19s on my S3 for 10 years, but I have now gone to 18" rims. Much prefer the 19s to look at, but it was a comprimise to run them. I went with performance in the end, so a set of 18" BBS is what I'm staying with.
I've got a set of 19 BBS LM's on my S3. They were on when I bought it, so can't really comment on any difference in feel.

Only problems I can see is that you need to run at least 3mm spacers on the front to clear the shocks.
Think 18's suit S3's perfectly, 19's look a bit too big for me.