p0299 fault turbo low pressure! advice needed please


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Sep 19, 2013
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by the beach
Hi all
My 2.0 sline tdi over the last 6 months has gone into limp mode a couple of times and had hi and low turbo fault codes come up, I had it kick in yesterday on a long trip and stopped 3 times and cleared it with a Sealy reader. It kicked back in strait away 3 times even before getting back on motorway. I got in the car this morning and it's cleared itself!! Confused! Could it be actuator sticking if so is it a new turbo job!
Could be the turbo needing the VNT mechanism cleaning, Really requires removal of the turbo to do it properly, there are various codge methods using mr muscle and the like cleaning foams but they are usually only a temporary fix.
Could also be due to issues with the VNT or a leaky boost hose these will cause low boost issues.

I have had success with putting millers fuel additive in the tank every fill up on one,also you could try adjusting the timing with vcds using the torsion value to get the timing spot on and this might reduce the clogged up vnt mechanism.
As Karl has said the quickest and best way is to take it off and clean it,but getting the timing spot on and using millers might stop it coming back and I have seen it get rid of the problem especially on just occasional sticking.
If it's a new turbo job is getting mine reconditioned a reliable solution? And does anybody no a reputable source to send mine to. Cheers
It should be OK with a just a clean up as said by Karl,this involves taking the hot/exhaust side off and stripping down the variable geometry mechanism,cleaning it,checking everything is free and working and putting it back.
Sounds like its overboosting/underboosting, replacement turbo probably won't be the solution as I've been there myself and found it to be the same, wouldn't swap the turbo out and spend £1000 on a whim. Get it on vag-com and report back with the codes, a temporary solution is try turning the engine off and on again and it should take it out of limp mode but if not report back too as this will mean it could be something different.
Anybody near Rhyl or around Denbighshire in north Wales with a vag-com willing to help me out to get the codes up and hopefully resolve this headache. Would be much appreciated, lee
If you have vcds you can use basic settings 10 or 11 I think and it will cycle from turbo off / turbo on you should see the actuator moving and if possible you can give the actuator a hand with a leaver bar,but you can also take the pipe off that goes into the air intake and you should feel it turning on and off.
Had my turbo removed yesterday and all the signs pointed at turbo has had it, having it reconditioned by gap-turbos this week. Also was noticed the the egr actuator has blown so I'm going to unicorn development next week for remap dpr and egr removal.
Just took some pics of inside of egr and it's pretty coked up so going to remove and clean before remap, can anyone advise me on what is best products to use for cleaning it?


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