Insurance renewal :(

Andy Crooks

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Feb 11, 2011
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Ok so I've got a multicar policy with Hastings direct and last year I paid £600 for it including legal which I've always had, I'm 23 on the 1st July so young but not really young the car is an a3 s-line 1.2tfsi my renewal came back saying £599 that's with my crashing claim from 2012 and my wife's crashing claim from 2011 :( but she doesn't need to declare it anymore somewhat. So I've been on the old gocompare put my details in and privilege have come back with £435 with everything the same apart from my occupation which has changed to sales exec in car sales (my £599 quote is taking my job into consideration). Why is there such big difference in quotes I will be going to privilege anyway as there a lot cheaper even more so when I move into my house this month and have other things to sort including home insurance.

Insurers use different rating structures and different starting points based on their own claims experience and underwriting statistics. You can't rationalise it, they are independent businesses.

If you'd like us to take a look at these quotes for you please feel free to make contact.