RS4 Honeycomb Grille.


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Mar 17, 2011
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Hi All.

Spotted a B6 Avant with the GMBH kit on at the All Types show a week ago but it had the RS4 honeycomb style upper and lower grill. I've found the upper grill on eBay but I can't find the lower GMBH size grill with honey comb.

This is the upper grill

Does anyone know where I can get one from?

Hmmm, would a Votex one fit the GMBH lower do you reckon?

Been looking everywhere for a decent RS4-style honeycomb upper. Mine has cracked across a couple of bars, seems to be made out of quite crappy thin plastic.
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I've just took delivery of a sheet of honeycomb to make a lower one. The honeycomb is slightly smaller than the fog light grilles, but it's a better match than the standard slatted one.
I can't believe Audi couldn't be ***** to make a new centre grille to match.
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I'd been looking for a honeycomb upper and lower replacement for mine (with GmbH lower), mainly as the lower grill surround was fairly corroded/chipped etc.

After digging in ETKA and doing other research, it seems it is a specific shape for that lower bumper only. As far as I can tell a honeycomb lower one needs to be made DIY style, even aftermarket companies don't make them......

I don't remember even seeing any non-GmbH lower grills in honeycomb.

The closest I got was an OEM GmbH lower grill from a seller in Germany that does them cheaper than my main dealer can (I think): Audi A4 B6 original S-Line Gitter mitte Spoiler Stoßstange Stoßstangengitter 8E | eBay

Have a look at their ebay store too as they seem to specialise in OEM+ upgrades/replacements. Although some bits are quite pricey! I might consider modding my original one to 'RS looks' and if it doesn't work maybe get a new one.

I too would love an RS4 looking front end. But having resprayed mine the outer's on mine, I'm happy for now.......