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Oct 18, 2013
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Hi Folks

I noticed that the inside of my front tyres were wearing out pretty bad so I got 4 wheel alignment done and the camber is out right enough, the car has been lowered so it does make sense, the only thing that puzzles me is how the tyre can wear the way it has, has anyone else seen a tyre wear to this extent? Its as if it's been rubbing against something but it definitely hasn't. It's only the passenger side that's worn this bad, the drivers side isn't too bad at all.

Has anyone bought the adjustable camber arms before? And where from? I can only find one British site that sells them and they are hideously expensive for what they are.



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You have 1.3 degrees of camber and this is what is causing the tyre wear. The arms are a silly price but they are the only solution to camber issues when these cars are lowered. The cheapest I have seen any was around £400 for 4 arms.
Is the car on coil overs ?. A small increase in ride height will help, also I found on my Passat that increasing the front tyre pressure seemed to help. You should get the toe set to as low a reading as possible so the front wheels are parallel, this will reduce the scrubbing.
Rotate the wheels front to back to equalise the wear.

Thanks for that, no it isn't on coil overs, just lowering springs so looks like I'm going to just have to bite the bullet and buy them :(. Need to decide if they take priority over the rattly air con pump pulley :/ not to mention the new tyre, new radiator, new speaker AND the wings needing painted :( joys of motoring I suppose.

dubtechshop.co.uk is the only British site that I can find who sells the adjustable arms, anyone know of any other ones? Seems I can save some coin by buying from America but what I'll save in buying them I'll probably loose in shipping fml