A4 2.5TDI V6 Quattro, AKE Oil Leak Sub Sump, Help needed!?


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Apr 19, 2014
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Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum - However i have used it as a resource for some time!

I've got an Audi A4 2001 2.5TDI V6 Quattro with an AKE engine.

Noticed some problems with oil leaks, and i've narrowed it down to:
  • Injector Seals (resolved easily enough)
  • Sub Sump/Upper Oil Pan, Gasket/Join (Problem!)
Really i need some advice on the best way to tackle the identified leak between the Cylinder Block and the Upper Oil Pan/Sub Sump.
Please see highlighted on the diagram below:
(image from here detailed between part no.1 & part no.38 upper)
AKE Split
So it looks like i possibly have two options (?):
  1. Remove the engine all together and strip top down
  2. Dont remove the engine, and remove bottom up (can this be done easily enough?)
  3. Or someone has a bright idea which is better than either of the above!
Any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated!

Many thanks
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Any advice or help on how to tackle this would be appreciated.

I'm considering using seal additives since it seems minor.
Anyone had experience using any in this scenario?
Is that the vacuum pump seal leaking? I had a b5 2.5tdi which had a few issues with oil leaks.

No it's actually along the main join between the upper sump and the main cylinder block.

Apart from that the engine is a dream at 160k miles. Purely got a problem with this one oil leak!

Question : How did you resolve the Injector Seals? Mines still leaking even tho I've replaced the pipe :)
Well i ended up cleaning the rocker covers and seals around the injector entrances, and it seems to have helped.

According to my Ex Audi Master Tech friend, he claims breathers can cause this leakage, so worth cleaning all breather hoses to relieve some of the pressure causing the leakages around injector seals.