Things getting worse since suspension work!

Dan TheMan Welburn

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Jun 3, 2012
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right if anyone has seen my threads the last week or so will know ive fitted all new suspension arms and shocks and springs, now to begin with i was getting intermittent traction control light so i fiddled with the sensor cables in wheel wells and it disappeared untill i hit a speed bump at 5mph more than usual, and whey it came back along with the abs light, then to top it off tonight on my way home from the cinema the speedo decided to stop working.....

now i had a garage press me in a new wheel bearing, does the abs sensor need to come out for the bearing change? could they of damaged it?

from the little research i have done i believe the speedo gains its signals from the abs sensors is that correct?

any suggestions?

Always thought the speedo sensor was on the gearbox.
As for the abs&esp light that's defo dodgy sensors if ya ask me,the only need the slight knock and the go hay-wire,the 8l pad sensors where the same
the pad sensors are a bit strange on the new pads they didnt click completely in, which was strange as ive never had an issue with mintex pads before, might cut plugs off old pads and wire them onto new ones for a better fit,
May not answer your question dan
But both my abs sensors bolts snapped, but I just went around the rear end on the hub and knocked then out with a 3/8 extension bar and a hammer.
Copper slipped them and popped back in

I've had no problems, same with the pad sensor, though it would become dodgy.

Last year on the OS I didn't put the plastic wheel arm back in, as I didn't have time. And any water would trigger the abs light on the dash.
the sensor wasnt removed when wheel bearing was done, ive only done a couple on small cars clios puntos etc, and the sensors had to be removed for bearing to be changed im really starting to think the O/S sensor is damaged time to look for a complete upright i think
I recently did a Octavia and didn't take out the sensor. But you have to be very careful not to hit it.
not got vcds atm as waiting to get my laptop back, hopefully have it back by weekend, will scan it then, its going into a trusted garage i used to use before i got handy with the spanners in the morning, the guy who runs it also drives a b6 so hopefully hell be alot of help