Audi Radio Bose - Aftermarket Head Unit.


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Feb 22, 2014
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This has more than likely been asked time and time again, but basically i want to put an aftermarket headunit in my Audi, I've look around and found that it can be a pain the ***, has anyone done it yet?

I've taken out the CD Changer and put a box of tricks in the play from the pen drive that was all good at the time now I'm a tad bored of it if i'm honest.

I just want to take out the original head unit and put a DAB aftermarket in. :)

The catch, its a fully bosed system..

Regards in advance :)
its easy to do , just buy the correct adaptor from autoleads and its plug and play
is it now, do you have any links to which i can browse? I've just heard negative things like it wont sound as good because of the Bose AMPS etc.
Interested in this also. Seems to be a few different leads out there
Thanks for the link. How do I know if it's ISO or quad?

I have fitted aftermarket CD players to all my previous cars but this audi set up makes me feel like a right amateur! I've currently got a symphony 2 with full bose.
u will need harness adaptor and u will also need to ad an extra power point to the harness also your need and iso Ariel adaptor/booster and a facia adaptor too
Thanks for the link. How do I know if it's ISO or quad?
All Audi series II (Concert II, Symphony II, etc.)radios are ISO as is the RNS-D but the series II+ radios and the RNS-E are quadlock.

If you're not sure what radio you have then post a picture here and someone will identify it.
Thanks, pretty sure it's a symphony 2 because it's got the 6 disc changer in the dash. Sounds like a lot of effort with all the harnesses and Facia plate just to get the ipod in my car. (That was my original reason for new headunit). I think I'm gonna try a connects 2 box instead.

Sorry to pork789 for hi jacking your thread!
facia adaptor was £30 inc delivery off ebay
areiel adaptor was £10 halfords
wiring loom conversion was £20 halfords

all bits can be brought cheaper off ebay but didn't want to wait lol
Sorry for the late reply to this, but it seems you've answered all my questions on it aha. Its an idea i want to do but it dose seem alot of effort lol But as odd as it sounds I'm unsure if mine is fully or half bose now?
All those harnesses don't even look remotely like they will fit :(
I'm unsure if mine is fully or half bose now?
There's no half-Bose option, it's either Bose or it isn't (unless a previous owner has been messing around).

Non-Bose has the front speakers connected directly to the head unit and the rears via an amplifier in the boot.

Bose has all speakers amplified and Bose labels on the speaker grilles.
Turns out PC9-401 fits mine, just need to test it. Mine dose have bose on the front grills but as you rightly said front speakers are wired separately to the rear. There own plug as such. Just need to get a aftermarket head unit to test before i go buy a decent one that is.