2.5 tdi egr problem - update


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Jan 5, 2014
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Tyne and Wear
Tried to remove my egr valve this weekend but failed miserably (how do you remove the 2 x 13mm bolts on the exhaust inlet pipe - impossible!!!!!!!!)
What I did find was a probable boost leak and reason for the soot on my inlet manifold - see pics........

Check your pipe if you've got soot on it !
How do you remove those bolts by the way ?
You need a bendy extension somethings like this - 230908145985 <-- ebay number
Thats how i removed mine :)
Did you remove the bolts from the top or underneath, they seem really tight to remove with a 1/4 extension bar
If we are talking about the same bit its a Allen key bolt? 2 of them that point into the engine bay?
No its the 2 x 13 mm bolts that are underneath the egr valve itself, the ones that secure it to the small pipe that leads under the turbo
Yeah i see what you mean, They are a pig to get at, mine came off with a massive t**ting then came free, I managed to go in from the top, and a great deal of cuts too..
13mm spanner and a piece of pipe solved it for me. :)
haha i know very little, good luck keep me/us posted (Y)