A6 3.0 TDI Le Mans Avant


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Sep 1, 2005
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Staffordshire, UK
Hi Guys,

As everyone probably knows my ambition is to buy an A6 3.0 tdi le mans Avant because they are ace! Currently have an A4 1.9tdi Quatty and have loved it but it needs changing. Just trying to sort out how I finance the A6 3.0 I want.

I ideally want a facelifted because they just look better and clearly they were more efficient, cheaper tax and had a number of known issues resolved.

Are there any problems I need to think about in terms an 09 onwards - I know it's always wise to check the reg plate to check it's defo a facelift as it should be the cheaper tax as the changeover was late 09.

There isn't many on trader by the look of it, I think budget wise I'm looking at about £15k which is right on the cusp I think between the facelift and also getting a better mileaged facelifted with a couple of extras on it.

Any thoughts or recommendations - anywhere else to look for these cars? I've checked Piston Heads and on here but not sure where else to look.

So, any common problems to look for and anywhere else to look and of course any hints and tips are always good :)

Thanks all,

Rich (hopefully will soon be an A6 owner!)
Hi Funkyfin,

Sorry I can't speak to specific problems with the facelifted cars, as mine is a 2007, but I would reckon the key issues to look for would still be play in the manifold/swirl-flap linkages, and that damn rear washer pipe that runs over the amp rack in the rear quarter (left side). I think the injector problems were much reduced/eliminated by 2009, so you are probably ok there (but keep an eye out for white smoke at startup and idle anyway).

I realise that going to an (indie) dealer hurts the budget a bit in terms of what you get for your money, but I found my vehicle at Fontain in Iver (bit of a hike for you I suppose!). They always seem to have a steady trickle of Le Mans avants arriving (and leaving!) so might be worth keeping an eye on their website, or even ringing to see if they have new stock coming soon.

Hope that was of some use ;)
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Really helpful thanks Fishyfish. We do gave an Indy near here called to tvscars.co.uk so will have a word with them when I gave cash in bank ready to go :)

Is it possible to easily upgrade a MMI system to high? What's involved etc?

Cheers all

I think it basically involves gutting the interior, cutting holes in bodywork, and other wonder stuff... I would personally file it under "eff that" and look for a vehicle with MMI High already fitted (but I can't imagine any Le Mans would come with MMI Basic... wouldn't make sense given it is the top level spec short of stepping up to an S6)

MMI Retro=fit What parts do i need to convert my MMI basic to MMI high
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Well, for 3G basic to high, its probably along similar lines in terms of swapping hardware and wiring (different screen, hard drive instead of DVD-ROM) ... and if its not "basic" to begin with, it should already have 3D maps (possibly requiring a software update to get there?)

Multi Media Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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It is possible to do the conversion from basic to high, and you don't need to cut or drill anything. The main problem is the cost, your looking at £1K worth of hardware and wiring harnesses, then the cost of installation if you cannot do the job yourself

If you cannot do the retrofit yourself, your best bet is to wait for a car with the right spec.
Interesting. I can get parts at cost but as you say maybe better to get it included if I can :>

Is the Bose surround upgrade worth it?

Just trying to decide what extras are worth having....any recommendations of definitely haves?

Cheers all...I'm desperate for a motor now!
If your buying new then the prices will be more than 1K (even at trade prices) I was looking at used prices on ebay. Again, if you can find the parts cheap enough then you may as well do the Bose upgrade, if your going to rip it all out!
If it's on then great, but I would not reject a car if that's the only missing option on your list. Bose is good but its no where near the quality of the £5K B&O system on the A8.
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As far as I'm aware the what they call the AMI box has an Audi proprietary connector which you can buy various leads for - I just got a usb version for £7 off amazon so I can play music from the stick and control it through the MMI.

Amazon product