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Dec 1, 2012
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Brighton East Sussex
Hi all I am very new to all this don't know if this is the right place to post this the problem but I've brought a Audi A4 1.8T on a 53 reg and love it very much I did noticed sometimes a rough idle when ticking over so I got a scanner and god got a list of codes don't know where to start codes are 17544. 16395. 17705. 18010. 16891. 16684. 16687. Does this mean it's got lots of problems any help would be great as don't know where to start it's not a good start is it :((
A '53 will be a B6.
Get the car on VCDS.
Look in the vagcom section for a member in your area for a scan.
You are in the wrong section. But I will help you or give you a summary of your faults.

Your timing chain is either due or your timing is out.
You have a vacuum leak somewhere.
The car went flat, the battery has been changed or wires have been removed from the terminals.
And have a misfire on cylinder 3.

When last did you change the plugs? If you haven't for a while that usually is the cheaper solution otherwise coil pack which is common on those vehicles or you have a poor fuel issue or there is poor compression. So injectors, mass air flow sensor etc.

And no doubt you have a engine management light on.

Looking at all the faults a few of them seem to be related to ea other.
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Hi all thanks for replies what do you mean get the car on vcds ? the cam belt was done five thousand miles ago can the miss fire be a coil pack on cylinder 3 can they intermittently play up just don't know where to start so one of the codes is where I've changed the battery so confused sorry what section shoul I have posted this on
You have posted in the B7 forum, your car is a B6.
VCDS=vagcom diagnostic system=fault code reader.
Coilpacks can fail, check with Audi to see if your car is covered for the coilpack recall.
VCDS is the name of the diagnostic software used to scan and detect problems with VW-Audi group cars.

As to which section, if you start from the forum main menu and scroll down to the A4 section, you'll see four sub-headings, named B5, B6, B7 and B8. Where you are now is the B7 section but if your car is a 53-reg, you have a B6 model.
Yes it's all new to me lol it took me about one hour to just post a post then I could not find it but will get use to it in time thanks again :beerchug:
If people knew your location they might be able to point you to someone in your area.
Add it to your profile.
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