Audi A4 B6 with DIS upgrade to VW Golf Chrome Headlight Switch Issue


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Oct 8, 2006
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My headlight switch died; not wanting to pay £100 plus at the stealers. I researched using a Jetta / Golf Mk4 switch that is readily avail on ebay with a chrome handle that updates the look a bit.

I bought this one -Chrome Headlight Fog Lights Switch For VW GOLF Bora MK4 PASSAT B5 Polo 9N Lupo | eBay

It arrived; i fitted and all functions work - except when i go from sidelights to dipped beam there is a 5 second delay in the headlights firing up.... weird.

Could this be because my car has full DIS? Is it a dodgy switch?

Has anyone managed this mod with full DIS on a 54 plate sport and had it working without a second delay - sidelights and both fogs are instant?

Has anyone fitted this switch and had the 5 second issue or is it a case of they all do it due to it being a Mod?


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Hi again. I have the full dis retro fit and that light,with no issues.not sure what ur problem could be?
U have hids or normal bulbs?

I Have HIDS; if I put the original switch that is working but peeling bad they fire instant and work as they should. Also with the new switch in if the switch is already on in the dipped position then fire ignition back on come on instant seems to be a delay in the message from switch read somewhere that the Full DIS uses the Control module to switch where as non dis simply uses switch. Thinking other than if Ive been sent a dodgy switch its a mystery as the A4 switch works fine so can't be a car issue.

Where did you get your switch ? got a link? I really want one but want to get a one from a supper i know works.
The front bezel can be swapped but the switch internal are different!

Anyone else successfully done this?

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