Some pictures of my MY09 Ibis S3 Sportback Stage 2+....


Ricers in the rear view!
Jan 30, 2011
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Hi all,

After picking many of your brains with regards to my S3 over the last year or so, I thought it time to take a few pictures and share them on here. The time has come to sell, hence the pictures, as I've bought a MY11 A5 3.0 TDI Quattro S-Tronic to replace it. I will miss the sound of the Milltek TBE and flutter of the wastegate etc but I just miss my diesel power too much, and my DSG gearbox. Darkside on both accounts i know! Anyway, I hope you like it!

- Stage 2+ Milltek TBE with sports cat & special tips, Forge DV, HPFP, ITG CAI
- TT-RS front discs & 4 pot Brembo's
- 18" TD Pro Race 1.2's (About the only 18" wheel I could find to clear the calipers!)
- TT-S Engine cover
- Black Edition grille
- MY 2012 Gloss black air vents
- Probably a few other areas I've thrown money at :)



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Nothing wrong with dsg or diesel my friend! U will love your new a5!
Nothing wrong with dsg or diesel my friend! U will love your new a5!

Amen to that! I just enjoy not having to make an engine work to get performance out of it, especially with DSG! If the S3 was Imola Yellow though, i'd probably keep it ;)
spent my last year with diesel power and it's not a force to be reckoned with haha! Quattro is a must for me so all in all the a5 sounds pretty spot on haha! Any pics? Haha imola is a bit of a marmite colour but I love it
Yeah it's a Marmite colour but I also like the Solar Orange so say's everything about my loud taste. Gone for Phantom Black in the A5, not that there is a deal of choice! Bit fed up of white as I've had 3 Ibis Audi's now. Tbh this S3 is only my second petrol car, all my others have been diesels, mainly VAG, ranging from the old ARL 150 Golf's & Fabia vRS' to the 2.0 PD & CR engines. I drove a Q5 with the 3.0 V6 TDI in and just had to own something with that engine in. It's that good. 5.43s 0-62 on the vbox using launch control in the A5 in stock trim which is pretty ludicrous. Some pictures will be up as soon as the weather breaks! Standard S-Line BE with 19" Rotors so nothing out of the ordinary, fully loaded though which is what I was looking for...
Yeah it was actually ibis white I was going for then decided last minute that yellow would be the best deal for me as it was newer and had more toys! I always liked the yellow but never imagined owning it. Last 3 cars have been black so it was time for a change! Wow that's impressive figures haha! I never really felt the full benefit of the diesel because I don't do much driving. There's plenty of torque in the diesel to keep u smiling anyway! Black is always the best colour when clean as well. Mirror reflection
I came from a heavily modded A5 3.0tdi and found the engine lacking! It has no low down grunt like the vvt 2.0 pd/cr VAG engines have and it doesn't want to rev like them either. Mine was mapped to 311ps and 670Nm and a std S3 would nail it! DSG box may help though.

Good luck with the sale of your car though - looks great!
I'm surprised at that tbh. It doesn't punch like the old 2.0 PD engines but doesn't run out of steam like them either. I've owned the 140 & 170 CR engines and they had no punch at all, anywhere, for me. My stock A5 'feels' quicker than my S3 in the real world, a lot more effortless too. I'd put money on it being as quick from 30-80mph as the S3, the in gear power is phenomenal. People rave about the Stage 2+ S3's but they're not that quick in reality I don't think, I had a race with my old car, which a friend owns now, recently. A 2008 Volvo C30 D5 which weighs more than the S3 with DPF delete and a remap. He had 4 people in to my 2 and I swear to god in a 3rd gear pull he was pulling away (up to over 80mph). Give me torque over BHP any day, even if revs must be sacrificed. Surely there was something wrong with your A5 if a standard S3 would nail it?! My pre-facelift S3 I had a while ago was useless if I'm honest, they're just too heavy even with 265bhp!