Fog Lens cracked


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Sep 5, 2011
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Only had this car for under 2 months and already have a crack in the fog lens!
I can't seem to find a replacement for the glass of the fog grill for my 2013 A4, see plenty of replacements for the pre facelift B8 but not for the face lift version.

Anybody have any ideas where and how I can replace the fog lens?

Will take a picture and upload tomorrow.
Not too sure the part number or price. Any ideas on how hard/easy it would to fit it?
I'll check with stoke audi on this forum, but was just wondering if it was possible to get it any where else.
TPS if you have one close by but it seems to be hit and miss if they are cheaper.

Trade Parts Specialists

I always try these first as its all genuine Audi parts and are often cheaper than the main dealer...
Something worth living with or get it replaced? Am sure some time in the future it may end up getting cracked again.
Barely noticeable unless you look directly at it.

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Oh nevermind, it happened to be just a very deep scratched, I wet sanded it down with 600 grit, then 2000 grit, a bit of scratch x 2.0 and then autosol to finish off, chuffed to bits with the results :) (saved myself a good £65 for a replacement)

A lot of youtubing definitely helped haha


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