Competition Time - F1 Fantasy League - Not too late to enter


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Jul 22, 2009
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The start of the new season is upon us…(queue dramatic theme music) and the world of Formula 1 has been turned upside down! With Bernie that little bit crazier, drivers swapping teams, massive engine and aerodynamic changes this year – we are set for the most exciting championship since well, a German didn’t dominate proceedings!

To get things off to a healthy and competitive start Sky Insurance are very happy to announce that we have set up our own exclusive Sky Insurance mini league on the new Auto Windscreens’ Motorsport Fantasy Challenge, where some fabulous prizes are being given away.

It’s free to enter and you can create and/or join mini leagues.

The rules:
Your team must be made up of 6 drivers.
You can only 1 driver from each manufacturer.
All drivers will be given a value at the start of the season based on performance history and pre-season testing.
You have a budget of £100m to buy your fantasy team.
Driver values will be adjusted throughout the season based on recent performances.

Register Here: Register

Simply click ‘Join a mini league’ and enter the following Mini League Code: bba29317742d

The winner of the Sky Insurance League will receive a £250 discount on their next insurance premium with Sky Insurance – This is separate to the prizes being offered from Auto Windscreens.