Induction kits

No one's mentioned the VWR ?

The VWR has certain similarities to the ITG,and is a bit more expensive....that may have a bit to do with it,plus the Revo being very well made and thought out for the price.
At risk of generalising,I think we tend to fall into 2 groups,i.e.those who want value and a decent performance,and those who want the most......the Ramair fits the former,and the Revo the latter,although the old ITG will do the job....I still have mine,albeit a bit chopped around.
I would go for the REVO if it wasnt for the noise. there really is no excuse for it, many manufacturers flow air for 350+ bhp quietly .

I had pretty well decided on the VWR but now i am reading about lean engines due to positioning of the Maf and stories of not much improvement over std. Its a bit of a minefield, i have 3 suppliers in my area but non have a RR so they sell this stuff and even fit it but they cant set it up.
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