Front parking sensor always on


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Dec 26, 2013
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Hey guys. Literally just picked up my new S3 today. Never had the chance to test reverse when I was there, and didn't until I got home.

Putting in reverse, the front right inner parking sensor is always lit up red on the MMI display. Despite the fact no obstacles are around it. I mean nothing. I tried it in the middle of a street, and it was still lit.

There's no protective film on the sensor. It seems to be aligned straight.

Any ideas? Annoying to have to deal with this right away.
Sounds to me like a calibration issue. I'd ask the dealers to have a look at it.
Seems very unlikely that the dealer wouldn't have put the car in reverse just before collection (reversing into the collection bay?), in which case that's very poor letting you drive away with a car they knew had a fault. At the very least they should have mentioned it, and if you still wanted to take it today, have got it booked in ASAP for repair!
Sounds like a dealer job unfortunately.

Only other slight possibility is some wax or polish that is caught in the sensor round the edge. The inner bit of the circle has to be able to move ever so slightly (you wouldn't see it) and if it's fixed solid to the surrounding edge it can't. run around the edge with a cocktail stick or something just in case
Thanks for the info. I'll try that tomorrow.

Pretty annoying to be honest. It's in for a wheel swap tomorrow, and black wrap on the roof rails. Sunday, it's going back to the dealer. They can sort it out for me.
So I cleaned it with some methylated spirits. Bit better but still doing it.
Sensor fixed! Turned out to be the rego plate. Wasn't sitting flush with the mounting bracket causing the sensor to trip.
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