Allroad door stuck .....


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Oct 29, 2012
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co durham
Hi I'm asking for a friend I'm usually on the a4 forum. My mate has a o2 2.5tdi allroad and all of a sudden the front passenger door has decided not to open. It seems to have power the door pin seems to move when you press the unlock button but just won't unlock at all. Any ideas on how to maybe open it or what's wrong will be greatly appreciated thanks.
Wrong forum, you need to ask in the C5 section ;)
Maybe a break in the cable in the door loom at the hinge point, how do you know there is power to the lock? Just because the door button moves?
I'm not sure if power is going to lock but seems to be power in the door as the light on the door pin is lighting up and elec Windows and such work. What I mean is the door pin moves up a bit when pressing the unlock button but not all the way I'm thinking it may be stuck dead locked or summit it's a strange one and very irritating lol.
Loads of lock door probs at the moment.
Try this:
Try operating the locking with the button on the drivers door with the engine running, sometimes the 14.4v is enough to get the latch working where 12v is not quite enough.