Off to pick up my 14 S3 hatch


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Sep 8, 2010
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Irvine, Ayrshire
Waiting patiently to pick up the new brief.

Can anyone offer any advice on running the car in? It's going to be hard not to beast it from the off

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As above... AFTER the oil has got up to temperature. About 90 degrees is optimal.
Why not follow what Audi recommend????
Or are they wrong?
Fact is cars are nailed hard from day 1 and also when the dealership test drives the car before the handover. They do recommend 1500 kms before running the car at full regime, tbh it doesn't hurt to follow the recommendations, mostly to get used to your new car. My dealership confirmed that cars are run in way before you get to drive it for the first time.
Am I right in thinking there is an oil temp display in the dis?
Yes, under "chronometer" ... A pain to select ... Or whatever the name on the uk version.
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I can't load any from my phone. Plus it's tricky when you're red lining around town
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Picked my s3 SB up at 9-30, haven't stopped laughing and smiling! Got the engine to temp and then pressed the loud pedal!
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Well it's hard but just has to be done for 1000 miles or so IMHO . Trying to stick to less than 4000 rpm.
How to keep the Revs down on an S tronic .... Drive select 'comfort' , kick down whenever you feel the need, all the snap crackle and pops but changes up at c 4500. Doubles the mpg too ;-/ works for now, roll on 1000.
Yes, under "chronometer" ... A pain to select ... Or whatever the name on the uk version.

Under 'Lap Timer' in UK version.

On my 'to do list' of VCDS mods to put oil temp on main DIS menu.
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i always rag my cars from day one! I think they are well run im before you get them.
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