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Feb 15, 2014
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Newcastle upon Tyne
Hi all, my name is Andy and I'm new to the forum. I am looking to buy my first A4 and As I have no previous experience of Audi ownership, I am looking for a bit of advice.

I am currently in the process of selling my current car and have today viewed a 2002 A4, 3.0 Quattro, with 140,000 miles on the clock.
The car itself is in first class order and the leather interior is unmarked. I consider this to be high mileage but as this is going to be a second car and used mainly at the weekend, I feel the mileage isn't an issue.
Also are there any known issues with the four wheel drive system that I should be aware of?

As this is an Audi and the quality is first rate my feelings are to buy it but I just want to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any advice and I look forward to my stay here.

Glad to see you have decided to get an Audi. I'm assuming the 3.0 Quattro you have been to see is the diesel version. In that case 140,000miles is not much at all some people on this forum have had mileage readings in excess of 400,000! I would comment on the Quattro but since I have never known one I will leave it to someone who has experience with Audis 4 wheel drive system. All I reccomend is servicing the vehicle every 10k and use the best oils you can afford. Also a few tanks of shell v power diesel or other brand, that's my personal opinion.

oh and welcome to the forum!
Hi and Welcome,

The 2002 model 3.0 quattro will be the petrol version. I've not had much to do with the 3.0 engine but have owned it's predecessor, the 2.8 V6 and it was a great engine.

The quattro drive train is pretty bomb proof. However, do budget for an oil change on the diff and gearbox. If it's never been changed then it's worth doing. Also, on test drive, set off from a standstill with either full left or right lock slowly, you MAY hear a grumble from the rear axle. It seems some systems do this and some don't. Mine does on my current Audi and the same for my old mans' S8.

Check the history for any suspension component replacement, particularly the front control arms. If no work recorded, then budget another ~£400 for a full set of Meyle/Lemforder arms and replace yourself (or garage at a cost!) This will freshen up the soft, saggy handling at the front.

Ideally if it has FSH make sure they are receipts to back up the work! Anyone can buy a stamp for the books off eBay!

Check for even tyre wear all round and that the tyre sizes are the same all round! The width can be slightly wider on the rear if it has staggered sized rims on it, although some people are against it.

Make sure the engine is clock cold when you view, check the fluid levels and then listen when it's started for any rattling. Any rattling for more than a second then walk away. At the same time of the car being started, ask someone to watch for blue smoke on start-up from the exhaust, possible sign of weak valve stem guides.

If manual, feel for any heavy vibration on idle - indicating clutch/DMF issues. Feel for biting point height on pedal.

If Auto, check for smoothness on gear changes and speed of changes. Use the tiptronic feature too if it has it. Change up and down, should be smooth and relatively quick.

Mileage isn't an issue if it's been looked after. My 2.8 had over 170k on the clock!

If you can, purchase VCDS before buying a car and scan the ECU for any fault codes. Bear in mind, some codes may be old and not current!

Good luck with your search.

Hi and Thanks for the welcome.

the A4 I have viewed is actually a petrol 3.0, I should have put that
in my original post. Most of the cars I have seen have in excess of 100k
on the clock, even as young as 56 plate models.

i will wait and see what others say about the petrol version before deciding.
the advice about oil changes is duly noted, thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the reply Dan,

i will do the checks you have outlined when I view the car
in more detail. Tbh it's in exceptional condition and will be very surprised
if I find anything wrong. At least I know what to be wary of now.
once again thank you