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20v 30v Stem Seal Pliers

Leo Komninos Sep 13, 2018

  1. Leo Komninos

    Leo Komninos Member

    Need recomended pair of pliers, or some tool to remove stem seals.
    Have found discontinued products from laser and draper. but need advice as no point ordering if need to return.
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  3. Leo Komninos

    Leo Komninos Member

    Found VAG 3364 valve stem seal remover slide hammer
    Doesn't show if it fits 30/50Vs
    Just got this: Laser 4399
    for £13ish (RRP£250)
    which apparently has OEM 3364, but doesn't , and picture is different.
    Yes tried long nose pliers but just squishes the buggers.

    Thinking of bodging a pcv pipe by cutting into 3 at one end and creating a step on the prongs then fit a slip ring to lock on seal. Seems the best option....
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018

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