Rns-e work with Bose


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Feb 1, 2014
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Hi I'm away to pick up a rnse tonight the guy said it's out a 2005 a3 and wondering if it will be ok to work with Bose and aux in my 2009 S3?

As long as you code it for Aux and Bose.
Ok perfect thanks! Just making sure it will work before I hand over the money!
this may sound silly but how do you code it not really good with this stuff ?

Martin, the Aux will not work without rewiring and the 32pin adapter needed from Audi. You will also need to swap over the Bose pin.
Yeah this post is from a month and a half ago and since found out that I managed to damage 1 of the wires for the aux so the speakers on the left side don't sound right so I have givin up on aux lol

Just replace the wire with a new one. Cut the old, solder the new, job done! :)
Haha easy if u have a solder and would be fair job replacing the wire from the multi plug back to the aux socket. :(
Which part of the wire did you damage? If only the side that goes to the connector, then cut back just past where you damaged it, connect the new repair wire and plug the pin in the socket.

No need for a solder, you can just tie up in a nice secure knot, and a bit if heat shrink tubing to seal and secure it.
I don't know where it's damaged but it just doesn't sound right and when I swap the wire over to the other side I get the same problem so presume that it's damaged