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Jul 7, 2010
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My alarm hasn't been working for a while so picked up a second hand unit after cutting my old one up to find it corroded.

Pugged the replacement one in and its still not working.

Two fault codes for it and no power going to the connector from what i can make out with my tester.

Any ideas where this issue could be coming from? CCM under the passenger seat? Drain plugs are clean and not blocked by the way and the footwell is dry.

Codes are:

Address 46: Central Conv.       Labels: 8E0-959-433-MIN.LBL   Controller: 8E0 959 433 AJ
   Component: Komfortger·t T9F    0617
   Coding: 08139
   Shop #: WSC 63351
2 Faults Found:
01134 - Alarm Horn (H12)
            49-00 - No Communications
00532 - Supply Voltage B+
            37-00 - Faulty

Any help would be great. Thanks.
Have you checked all fuses? It's possible that the old siren batteries have defused the 12v supply. Not sure which number it would so check all fuses.

Was the replacement siren the same part number?

I've not checked the fuses properly get but everything in the car works as it should, interior lights, central locking etc...

Yes. Identical unit. I might cut this one open as well just to rule it out.
If you do it carefully you can reseal it. That's why I never bothered replacing mine, unless you buy new you're spending £40 on an unknown quantity.
As above, mine died over the course of 3 lock cycles (I have the alarm set to beep to confirm the lock), the last one was a pitiful "Eh" sound. Took it apart and saw the inevitable had happened - batteries had leaked. Only a bit on the circuit board, so tidied it up a bit and did the 'alarm siren mod' found here.

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