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Jun 9, 2013
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Hi all. I live in Cyprus and this place seems to be the most reasonably priced I can shop some rubber from:

Φθηνά ελαστικά αυτοκινήτου στην Κύπρο - Cheap tyres in Cyprus online - Michelin, Dunlop, Continental, Bridgestone, Pirelli - Attom Fit Tires - Online Tires Shop - Cyprus

I'm looking for either 235/40/18 or 225/40/18. First time choosing tires for my S3, most brands I don't know about except the known ones so I would appreciate all suggestions or pointers.

I would provide links for the searches but their website loads within itself... If you can suggest me something from their catalogue I'd be most grateful.

look at Camskills or black circles to give you an idea

I went for Michelin Pilot Sport 3 in 225/40/18 92Y extra load....really nice, especially with a good balance

They were £540 plus £40 free fuel card (main dealer I bought car from paid for them though)

Other people going for continental and goodyear

plenty of threads on here !

Not sure about 235's as not gone there myself

Less expensive I would recommend Toyo great tyre grip but no as long lasting as more expensive brands,

Falken and Khumo, Dunlop also worth looking at but Ive not had them
I'v got Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric and there really good! Good in wet, dry good all rounder!
have a look on here where I brought my continental sport contact 5 from Cheap Car Tyres Online » FREE DELIVERY »

I had major problems with oponeo, too good/cheap to be true, when I ordered tyres for a bmw, staggered so two different sizes, they sent the wrong ones, then I had to return, and they never actually had them, so I had to look elsewhere for two of them...took ages to sort out and get refunded....they send the tyres from a massive wharehouse in Poland, they also could be older than you think, they have a disclaimer on the website regards the age of the tyres they sell.

Mail order tyres dont always work out cheaper than a good tyre fitting shop up the road, by the time you've had them fitted, driving around with them etc, it might be a bit of a saving but not such as £40 fuel card from Michelin arent given with online, also youre helping to keep your local tyre fitter in a job ! If they are good and balance the tyres well then great.

I use a few tyre places near me in Manchester, very local is Event Tyres, pretty competitive but unfortunately not that great at balancing tyres, so only use them now in an emergency, such as when my front blew, pretty near them. The Michelin PS3's 225/40/18 92Y four tyres were £500 fitted there and then and got me out of a tricky one, dont ask ! that price included a £40 fuel card. Unfortunately had to get them balanced properly at top ten so that was an extra £24

I get my balancing done at top ten tyres in Hazel Grove, absolutely brilliant and around £24 for all four corners, never bought any tyres from them so dont know what their prices are, will try them one day, had four different cars done by them, transformed the way they drove.

Ears Motorsport Macclesfield a bit of a treck for me 40 minutes drive...very good prices on tyres especially Yokohama, they have their own websites, and free delivery on yokos through Yokohama Tyres including Geolander, AD08, Bluearth,Parada, A048, Audi and Mercedes Tyres - Yokohama Tyres, they can also fit tyres but not had them done there only picked them up or had them delivered.
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