Need advise connecting an ipod


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Jan 19, 2014
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Hi. Im looking to connect an ipod into my car its a 2009 a4 se with ami audi concert it has an aux jack in arm rest but i want to be able to use it with the multi functional steering wheel controls ! I have a black cable with the ipod connection on one side but cant find where other end plugs into !
Try the glove box ... Left hand sidewall of the box and it should have a net/pouch to slip the iPod into on the roof of the glovebox once connected ..
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Nah can't find anything to connect cable too ,
From your original post, as you have the AUX socket in the armrest you will not have AMI as the AUX socket is removed when AMI is factory fitted. You will have to retro fit AMI
Well if that is what i have to pay ipod threw ! Its terrible sounds awfull meed to get the proper one installed