Audi A6 1.9 Tdi or 2.5 Tdi Multitronic


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Feb 8, 2006
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Dear all as I am new to this board I thought I would say hello to all!

Now comes the ask at present I will be selling the company car 05 Mondeo Ghia Sat Nav and all that ...

I am looking to buy and A6 Avant 1.9tdi or 2.5tdi multitronic 02 onwards with a budget very max £17,000 can any of you owners point out any of the pitfalls between the two what to look for on the A6 buying second hand.

I'd appreciate any feed back.

Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
hello and are making the right move, ditching a FORD and getting an AUDI! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bravo.gif

There are lots of posts regarding what to look for on used Audi's. Audi's are prone to some common faults like alot of cars are, but as long as the owner has really looked after the car, repirs / services done regardless of costs then you should be ok.

As for engine size, I'd say a 2.5. The 1.9 is a good engine for a car of its size but the 2.5 seems to have better overall driveability (in my opinion) and the mpg on a 2.5 V6 TDi is a very modest average of 50+mpg on motorway dual carriageway, however, on little windy back roads and on short journeys they can be a little heavy, but that can also be down to how you drive the car!

FSH is a definate must, and check the tyres are all the same brand and type. (might not mean much to other people, but if a owner cant be bothered to spend money on equal / original tyres, then have they taken shortcuts elsewhere?!)

Not too sure about multitronic boxes as mine is 6spd manual. But if you are after chipping your car then you will to buy two chips! one for engine ecu and one for gearbox ecu (if multitronic)

Dont be put off by high mileage, these things are just starting to run in at 80 - 100K! mine has 175k on the clock, full service, and runs like a dream (apart from a creaking noise which has just started). Shop around though, dont buy the first car you drive.

Air Mass Sensors are common failures on Audi's. if you own a laptop, I'd invest in a Vag-com lead (from eBay) and free software(, and ask the owner if you can plug it in to see if the ecu has recorded any faults.

Good look which your new investment and post some piccies when you become a proud owner of an Audi A6. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/jump.gif
You dont need a second chip for the gearbox..

I have a 1.9tdi (2004) with multitronic, remapped by AMD from about 9 months old, transformed the car, took it from 130BHp to nearly 180, and the gearbox works beautifully with it, no mods required or even suggested!

Still get around 40mpg despite being fairly heavy footed.

I love the 2.5 too, but dont forget its a heavier lump at the front.

Me personally? Id get either a 1.9 multi with a remap (after 43000 miles I still love it) or a remapped 2.5 but with quattro.. however you cant have multi with quattro, so it would be a tiptronic instead..
Hi Thanks for the advice so far, does the chipping increase insurance liabilty hugely?

Can the 1.9 tdi cope with extra power as it is front wheel drive as was the VW bora TDI 130 with 17" alloys I had before the mundano, as I experienced a little torque stear with the bora, a bit over zelous right foot maybe! how many tyres are you going through.

Do Audi have issues with chipping, I haven't but just thought asking.

Once I have bought I will show some pictures but Im a fussy so an so and want to get the best car for the money ....don't we all!
there dont seem to be many reports here of issues with remaps on the audis, ive certainly had none either..

Insurance - mine made no difference to the premium but it did increase the excess..

coping with power - yes, not a problem, through the 235/45/17s on mine - though I think any more and I would like quattro.. hence my comment about having quattro if you were going to remap a 2.5..
I have a 2.5TDI with a dragon tuning box on it. I know its not the same power increase as a chip / remap but it copes well with the extra torque, except in 1st and 2nd when accelerating hard, she likes to wheelspin but i dont! Wish it was quattro but beggers cant be choosers. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/froggie_red.gif

Welcome. I also went from Mondeo (ST24) to Audi - never going back!

I would probably go with the 1.9 and if you want/need more power, a remap. I drove quite a few A4/A6 1.9s and 2.5s before deciding on the A6 1.9 - mostly this was down to cost, but the 2.5 is heavier at the front and I prefered the handling of the 1.9. Quattro of course is not available with 1.9 so if you want that it has to be 2.5. As pointed out Quattro and Multi also not available together. 1.9 is no slouch in real world driving - the torque is amazing (with 6sp man/multi).

For what its worth, I settled on one that was 6 months old that had:

1.9TDi Sport (saloon)
6sp manual
6-CD (boot)
heated front seats
centre armrest

I'd consider all but cruise essential options. Multi is nice, but pushed it beyond my budget at the time - but actually the 6sp man is pretty good. Mine has no computer/DIS, but not an essential option (fuel computer not accurate for a start) - although I think it might be standard with Multi.

Had no problems at all with mine (touch wood).

The Sport spec is the one to get IMHO - SE too wallowy for my liking, also comes with nice "RS4" wheels (mine's a late '03 model year)! Handling is actaully quite good for a big fwd car.

Good luck with the search. You should be able to get a nice example for your budget.

I'm a new user of this forum and have joined because I too am looking for an A6 avant. I have decided on a 1.9tdi sport and have read the views here with much interest and have a couple of questions that I'm hoping someone can help with.

Firstly what are the advantages of the 6 speed manual box. I'm (possibly rashly) making the assumption that the top ratios are the same (direct?) and thus the intermeadiate ratios are just a bit closer. Is this correct. I ask because I have seen a 5 speed for sale and was wondering what the drawbacks were of going with the 5 speed.

I'm also wondering what the impact of remapping the chip is on the other components. I was speaking to a chum at work who has a Nissan 200sx that he is constantly tweaking and his advise was that you remap the engine so that you can upgrade the injectors, turbo etc but from the comments here it would seem that you can get a significant power increase without the need to update other components. Is this true or are you knocking years off the car with extra wear and tear from coping with the extra power?

Any advise or comments much appreciated
I own an A6 Avant 1.9Tdi Sport 5sp.
This is my first Audi and I took ages doing my homework on the car before buying. There are alot of late model high milers out there as these cars tend to be ex-company/fleet cars used to cruise up and down the motorways. Full service history is a must.

I chose the 1.9Tdi because of the whole package. Price, drivability, running costs.

Maybe its me getting old, but I find the 1.9 Tdi sport more than adequate in power/speed/handling/economy. It seems that everyone here has chipped their cars. It must effect economy by a little. Mine is standard and will do about 600-650mls to a full tank of diesel on motorways. Around town its about 500-550mls to one tank. each tank costs £55 approx.

I can't believe that modifying a car does not effect insurance...I would check with them first before ahead with chipping/remapping for more power.

Good Luck!
Cheeky -

I agree the whole 1.9 package is good.. I chose the same.

However - I would highly, highly recommend you beg, borrow or otherwise organise a drive in a remapped one if you possibly can, and then see what you think.

Why? You keep all the advantages, and reasons why you chose the 1.9 tdi package in the first place, but you gain a bigger grin, a bootload more fun and an altogether more responsive and versatile vehicle.

Its like an Audi diesel, only better!

Economy doesnt suffer either. For general driving, its actually improved as the engine is working more efficiently, when you work it hard it is worse, the two balance out quite neatly but the car is simply improved in all respects. But dont take my word for it, try it yourself!

We are not all speed freaks doing any mod for the sake of it - I'm a high mileage business user who intends to keep my licence clean, but I am still over the moon with the difference the remap made, having driven 30,000 miles since the remap was carried out.. simply the best money ive spent on a car, and if I replaced it I would simply build the remap cost into the purchase price of a replacement.

Yes go for for FSH, obviously, and yes you MUST tell your insurance about a remap - but like I said before mine did NOT affect the premium, it simply increased the excess.
You are really trying to tempt me and become that boy racer

The missus will kill me if she found out that i spent all that money on a chip when it could go towards our son's school fees!...

180bhp does sound very tempting indeed...

There are so many different companies out there that do this. Which one is recommended? I've heard of REVO, a friend of my brother has one fitted to his 2006 A4 Avant Tdi. Will have to try his out to see what difference it makes...
You'll get lots of different advice on whose to go for - but I think in principle eveyone is happy with whichever they chose! they all give similar results with only minor differences, I would look at price and for whoever is close to you and is going to be simplest to deal with..

Revo seem to be popular, as are AMD and others (mine was AMD) - If you are in Berks - AMD are in Bicester so not too far really..

Just do search here on remap!
I have yet to get over 40mpg in my 2.5 tdi multitronic. I rarely got over 40mpg with my manual 2.5.

With a bike rack on the roof and a bike rack on the rear (2 bikes on each) @ 80mph I got 28mpg.

Some people must drive like grannies with some of the figures you seen on these forums....

I find the multitronic very frustrating for the first few minutes when it is cold and the computer is effectively slipping the clutch and requiring me to give it a load of accelerator just to move slowly off the line. This only lasts for a minute though (and only when truly cold).
With a bike rack on the roof and a bike rack on the rear (2 bikes on each) @ 80mph I got 28mpg.

[/ QUOTE ]

Are you admitting to speeding whilst your car is fully laden with cycles on the roof and cycle racks? tut tut....

You never know who is reading this.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shutup.gif

I'm also a biker, and ride a Yamaha R1. when i want to make a bit of progress, no car comes close to this...come to think of it, not many motorbikes either! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/lol.gif
I have a business colleague who has the 2.5 tdi quatro.

He is getting 28MPG average i get more than that out of my 2.4 a6.

I would go 1.9 as long as its a good one. I drove an a4 1.9 before settling on the a6. I found it totally gutless. i think there was something wrong with the engine as it seemed to take forever to even rev up. Foot down nothing happened rev counter stayed at 800rpm.

It's a turbo - you need some revs before it'll take off - at 1200rpm it has impressive amounts of grunt.

The 1.9Tdi you drove doesn't sound healthy.

Mine is superb. Floor it and it pulls from about 1,500 - 4,800 rpm effortlessly. Plenty of torque. More than enough to kick the **** of those boy racers in their chaved up Nova's & Saxo's.

i get mid 30's per gallon on my 2.5 round town
i have got as much as 52 mpg on motorway but i stuck to 70-80 mph for 300 miles
Normally get about 45 mpg driving 85 ish.

I drive what you would class as enthusiasticly, i love the torque available, it accelerates quicker in 6th gear than my old car did in 3rd.

But then mine is an A4 so lighter and is fwd not quattro. but then it is running a tuning box too.
forgot to add, know i am biased but i would definately go for the 2.5 180brake version. i have driven the 1.9 and although the turbo kicked in very quickly it also died off very quickly, the 2.5 in comparison seems to be opposite, it takes longer to build up, but when it does it boost in a big was and pulls right round to the redline.
our golf 2.0pdtdi golf pool car at work is the same, very torquey low down but doesn't have the grunt higher up the rev range (infact it annoys me as it wheel spins very easily which i find embarrasing)