Rs6 c5 rear washer issues


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Jan 27, 2014
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Hi everyone

I hope someone can help with this simple question, any help would be really appreciated.... :)

I've recently purchased my 2003 avant rs6 c5 and everything seems great except the rear wiper spray injector was blocked... A classic problem that I found the answer too on many forums, Ive repaired the 2leaks (front passenger footwell& boot) and repaired the broken brass tube in the motor so it's now getting water to the boot and no leaks! The problem I cannot work out is that with the service kit I've fitted the injector doesn't move with the wiper arm but the cap I have over the retaining nut has no way of letting water out so it's just gushing down the boot lid! Have I fitted the wrong kit or do I have the wrong rear wiper cap on my car?? I'm stumped but I'm sure it's something very simple... I've searched hi and low for an answer on the net but no one seems to of encountered this issue...

thanks Adam

wiper cap should have a slot in it to let the spray fire 'through' the cap as far as I recall - I have skoda rear wiper on and this is like that

hope this helps
On my C5 allroad with the same wiper, the jet shouldn't swivel (though as it starts to fail it will) and the cap has a 180deg slot in it so the water ends up on the glass.