strange engine noise/knocking :-(


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Mar 20, 2012
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Hi guys

I seem to have a small issue with my car, whilst im stood stationary I seen to get a knocking noise from the engine area that varys between every 5-15 seconds. When I hear the knock I can also feel it through the footwell it nearly seems like some sort of mechanical component knocking. If I rev the car up to 2,000rpm and hold it there for 10seconds and let off you can hear a vibrating noise and when the idle settles the knocking becomes more apparent (louder) for a short while then resides to the slight knocking I can feel. Has anybody else ever had a problem like this?

Im not sure if it is clutch/flywheel related or engine internal related?

Im worried that when I accelerate something is going to go pop :-(

A problem Matt?

Must be catching upto me with the never ending problems ;-)

Sorry can't help you pal. Although it sounds like flywheel/clutch related.

If you depress clutch and rev it to 2,000rpm does it still do it? And same outta gear?
I havent tried it with the clutch depressed but it is out of gear and idling whilst its doing it. In gear acceleration seems fine. Im wondering if it could be the DMF
Is there anyway of checking if its the DMF without stripping gearbox and clutch off? Or is it a case of waiting till it gets worse?
I would say it's Dmf too, can't know for sure unless you strip gearbox and that can be pricey, so you are best off, getting them both replaced.