2013 black edition avant in misano pearl red


A4 Avant B9 2.0 Tdi
Nov 16, 2009
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Guys some help please! Fairly new to the scene I currently have a 2013 black edition avant in misano pearl red with the 19" rotor alloys and s line suspension. I'm wanting to fit some spacers but not sure on what width to get as I want to fit coilovers eventually the wheels are 255/35/19 on 19" 8.5 wheels with an offset of 43.

I was thinking of fitting 20" rotars as well 9" wide with an offset of 26 but there a little expensive
Just measure from a part on the wheel or tyre to wherever you want them and get spacers to suit... Here's mine with 25mm spacers and coilovers and even though the pic doesn't show it very well but I've had a fare bit of camber put on too & it still scrapes like mad but I do live in the middle of the Pennines lol but then again it's only scraping the arch liner which I'm not too bothered about :)


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I've got 15mm rear and had 10mm on the front. Word of warning though - you should use hub-centric spacers to ensure the wheels are correctly aligned. This is fine on 12mm and thicker but 10mm spacers aren't quite thick enough to keep their strength/integrity and this is what happens;


I still need to take this matter up with FK...
cool guys thanks for the info I'm currently looking and H&R spacer the DR system. are these any good?
I would stick with 19" mate. Any bigger and it will destroy the ride and possibly cause your wheel bearings to wear out quicker.
I certainly noticed a big difference when I upgraded from 18" to 19", in how much harder it was so I would imagine it would be amplified further by fitting 20".