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  1. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Hello! I have popped over from the RS3 room as it is about time I changed out my two year old RS3 whilst there is some value in it.

    I have always hankered after an R8, but a newish one is going to be out of my reach for a while yet, so I am reducing my search, and where I am (South France) there are a handful of low mileage R8s that are c. 2007/8 with only 29k to 35k kms on the clock - all in pretty good condition. OK, they are not V10s, and do not have the virtual cockpit, but I am sure I can live without these!

    My question is - are there any real bad points on the 2007 V8 that say I should steer well clear of them - eg, any rust issues, engine problems or oil leaks, gearbox problems etc?

    One thing I do notice on three of them are the lumbar support on the entrance/exit side of the drivers seat have taken quite a battering. Is this a general issue and can they be repaired easily?

    Thanks for any comments!
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  3. Hal Adams

    Hal Adams Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Wow, this chatroom is a real hive of enthusiasm and activity is it not! Not!
  4. BobG

    BobG Registered User

    Go for a manual. The auto wasn't very good back then. Jerky and expensive if it goes wrong. And manual is the right thing to do anyway!



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