Standard short shifter?

Jimmy TDI

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Dec 21, 2013
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Just wondering if there is such a thing for these?

For example on my bora I had the front to back selector arm from a six speed Mk1 TT gearbox to reduce the throw as the pin was in a different place.

Is there a car for this platform that I can use the parts from?
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Probably not what your after but there's some aftermarket ones on eBay, no idea what they're like though.
Again, not exactly what you're asking for but JHM do a multi-stage short-shifter. I have the basic one in my S4 and it's pretty nice.
To be honest I didn't think there would be a standard part. I was hoping the S4, or B7 RS4 might have had a shorter throw, but apparently not.
Cheers for the replies I will look into the aftermarket choices then.

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