Specialists Southampton/Portsmouth/Hampshire ?


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Dec 26, 2013
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Hi y'all and happy new year :) I'm quite excited as I've found a nice 2.0t Sportback with good spec which I'm viewing tommoz, I've rang Audi customer services to check the history which came back as impeccable and all done at the one main dealer so looking good so far :)

However if I buy this car I'd like to still take it to a local specialist to get some things done for piece of mind, I'm thinking a full service and Haldex service (if that's correct ?) I'll chuck a new fuel pump follower in myself, so do you guys know of or can reccomend a good specialist in my area ? I like the kind of place where they compare part no's for a lunchtime hobby ;-) lol

I've got Independent/igs just up the road from me and JKM down in Portsmouth, any experience of these guy ?

Cheers James

P.S just a little bit excited about getting our first Audi :) Wasn't even this excited about getting my brand new 63 plate Transporter Highline after a 14 week wait nevermind a six year old runabout for wifey
Hi James, not an Audi specialist but you're not too far from The Phirm who are a very highly-regarded and skilled VAG specialist/tuner.
My brother used to use Regal in Southampton - VAG and Porsche specialists I believe...
Cheers batch, tbh I'd rather not use the Phirm :-( I know there highly regarded but my Will power is weaker than a kitten lol

I must try and leave it standard ;-)
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Again Regal do some pretty nice toys :-( I'm a advertising contractor and regularly see the Regal boys going down Thomas Lewis way :)
I use Abtech which is in totton - southampton.

There pretty good on servicing costs. Audi / vw specialists
I just used LKM Vehicle Service Centre just near Waterlooville, they were excellent and a lot cheaper than Audi as I had a full service, cambelt and water pump change, brake fluid change and air-con recharge. Cost me just under £700.

They also gave me some advice about the servicing schedule and recommended I come off the variable long life and move onto fixed servicing, I went with their advice as it should mean my car will last longer due to more frequent check-ups, oil and filter changes etc.

Hope you enjoy your new car!!