Ignition problem


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Nov 17, 2009
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Wonder if anyone could help.

All the lights on the dash come on but nothing happens when i try and fire it up.
Iv read a number of threads but no exact match to my problem.
From what I've read, the two possible culprits may be the ignition switch or starter motor.
I had an ongoing problem that could possibly be connected. It went from happening once a month down to every day. It was while driving, the car would cut out. It would start up straight away but only with the key, when i tried letting the clutch out to bump start it. Nothing happened.

I just want to be sure before i start buying parts.
Thanks in advance
Two years ago I had a really bad intermittent starting problem that I couldn't sort for months. It had the dash lights fading too. In the end it turned out to be the grub screws had vibrated slightly loose on the switch at the base of the ignition barrel. It too was intermittent and got worse as time went on.

Don't think it your starter, if it was it should still start with a push.
Figured it out today with some help of someone with a lot more know how.
It is the starter motor. He came and tested it today. 12v was going into it but 0v came out. Hopefully getting a replacement tomorrow. Fingers crossed they're open.
The cutting out thing isn't connected he said. Most likely a boost leak. Going to get smoke tested once its running again