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Mar 2, 2012
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Seems like I most likely need to replace my front disks and pads on my qts as I may of killed them slightly, I'll also be replacing the fluid as the pedal went to the floor recently on my favorite stretch of B road under heavy breaking. The brakes haven't been the same since and have no initial bite at all any more :(I don't have a huge amount of cash to spend as you can possibly imagine with the current time of year so looking for reasonably priced oem replacement parts. Any brands I should avoid? Ecp worth a visit?
Discs are just a lump of metal so mintex or similar, pads id get some ferrodo premiers if you can or pagids (im running these at the minute on B6 S4 fronts)
Heard good things about pagids and are quite reasonable iirc. I haven't checked the disks yet so they may be ok. Thanks for the suggestions.
Pedal to the floor comes from ****** fluid. Pad fade is different and doesnt really effect the length of the pedal, only its feel / effect.Your right to be replacing the pads though as to get it hot enough to get a pedal to the floor will have well and truely knackerd a standard road pad. If you dont replace the disc make sure you remove any contamination / deglaze the disc well with scotchbrite or similar. You get a film of old pad meterial build up on them that can contaminate your new pads, and glazes over disc surface. Id also check the calipers arn't dragging. I need to do my brakes too (a job for jan when I have some cash to spend on the car), but I'm eyeing up the 312mm setup, if I can find the carriers for sub £50.
Just to add, another vote for pagid stuff. Ive been using standard pagid road pads on a light hill climb car to give me a good cold bite, and they work nicely. Also used them on my S8 and they where good. I was planing on trying something a bite more sporty on the A4 as its a bit more lardy compared to the racer, but people recomended ferodos.
I have a set of lightly worn discs from my old tdi Q you can have if you want. I am based near York.
Makes sense as you live in Taunton! I don't want any money for them - I just can't seem to get rid of them! it seems crazy to throw them away when they have little wear and aren't cheap. I think new discs and pads is one of the best upgrades as when I have done it it improves the driveability of the car !
Discs are just a lump of metal

Unless you get EBC then they are truly shiiiite!!

just pick up some B5 RS4 discs. pads and calipers. they are cheap and you can sell them on when the discs run out!
TQS brakes are terrible as stock
Will the rs4 setup bolt to the TQS hub/upright?
No youll need s4 uprights for a straight bolt on the other alloy uprights use a different sized taper on the balljoints iirc
ah yes, good point...I'll get my coat
I did the 312mm upgrade and used B6 3litre A4 discs and B5 A4 pads from Brembo, I also flushed the whole brake system through with Bardahl synthetic fluid, made a big difference to my track day at Bedford, the brakes lasted twice as long before even starting to fade out.
With the above setup did you use the standard calipers? Do they need spacing out etc?

Sorry if it's a stupid question but I'm a proper audi noob and don't come on here enough to actually learn much :(
Use the same caliper so no need to bleed brakes if they have had the fluid done recently and no spacing required its all done using the TT/S3 carriers :) !!

It really is bolt off, bolt on, enjoy !!!
I'm ready to do this to mine now, but am having a real problem finding the carriers for less than £100. Anyone got any links?

Euro car parts are doing some good deals on Pagid stuff. I priced up front and rear pads, rear discs, and 312 front discs for around £150!

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