A3 2.0 Tdi electrical problem? Dashboard lights


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Sep 14, 2012
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Hello guys, I hope you can help.I have two problems. One is that fuse 19 which I believe is the radio keeps draining from the battery (according to the AA guy)Secondly every morning when I wake up the middle dashboard screen which shows mpg and radio channel etc is completely off, some lights around the dash and radio become dim and some become very bright.I have sourced the problem to fuse 6, I have to pull Fuse 6 out and put it back in and everything turns back to normal. I have searched the forums and internet to find a diagram or something that tells me what fuse 6 is but to no avail.what could this problem be? has anyone had any similar problems?My parrot Bluetooth kit has stopped working ever since too.Does anyone have a diagram or something to help me, if I could find out what fuse 6 it might aid me into fixing this.Thank you.
What fuse is your parrot kit plummed into?
I dont have a clue, I removed all wires from the parrot apart from the Mic and another one going behind the glove box, (no power going to it), but to still no avail still was not working, fuse 6 doesnt blow either I just have to pull it out and back it and ta-da works perfect. My orange wire from the parrot was unplugged which after some research turned out to be the constant 12v ignition, but even when I dis connected everything it was still doing the same problem
How can I find out what fuse its plugged into? I had a feeling it was the parrot that messed things up as the problem started when the parrot stopped working but I am baffed