Cruise control fitting and RNS-E AUX input - Northwest


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Nov 29, 2013
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I've just bought an S3 8P and I would like to get cruise control fitted. It also has RNS-E fitted but it looks like it must have been fitted after it was originally bought because my AUX input isn't working. I've read that it may just need a firmware update but I'm not sure. Does anyone know of anyone around the northwest that could do this? I live in Southport so I'm close to Liverpool and Manchester.
​Try site sponsor NHN. just send him a pm. :) x
Why not fit them yourself? Plenty of good detailed guides on here to follow and it's a pleasure seeing them working at the end.
Thanks for the replies. Although there are some great guides on here, I would rather someone help me out with the jobs. Also looking at a couple of other things that need doing so would want it all done at the same time. I tried to contactNHN but didn't get a reply. I will have a look for another company close by. Cheers.