S3 to A5 3.0 TDI ???


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Oct 10, 2012
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Hi chaps,

Had my S3 for a year now and love it to bits, however I can't help wondering if i'll prefer a more comfy robust feel of a bigger Audi, like the A5. I commute around peak time and im sat in traffic a lot, which makes me wonder if I should be sat in something more comfy. Am I getting old? lol.

OTOH, when the roads are clear I get a lot out of the S3.

I suppose the qestion is, would the A5 be anywhere near in terms of handling, grip and genral fun factor ?

Are there any points about the A5 I should be wary of? Common problems?

Thanks for any help!
If it helps I can advise my experience which is kinda similar .....

Recently took delivery of a new S5 and previously had TT's for the last 6 years, so similar to the S3.
My last car as a TTS and prior to that a 3.2 litre TT (both mark II's).

I wanted something which has usable rear seats and was slightly more relaxing on the motorway, but could still put a smile on my face and handle the bends if required.
The S5 has delivered ... and some !

The power is immense and in S mode is certainly grin-inducing.
It has all the power I could ever need, and some more.
The suspension set up (regular) is perfect and on 19" wheels as my TTS it is much more compliant - but still firm.
The TTS suspension was rock solid on mag-ride - great for cornering but in reality I never needed the mag rides cornering ability in the real world on real roads - it would be great on track or the Nurburgring, but for daily rives and public roads its wasted on me.
The cabin quality is worlds away from the TT - such high quality and an amazing place to sit.
The drive is most certainly more relaxing and the car is mega at 70 mph on the motorway.

The A5 is a quality car there is no denying - just be sure you know its a heavier car than the S3 so won't be as playful on the twisties, but the payback is on motorways and journeys in general where it wafts you along effortlessly and has masses of power (3.0 tdi or S5).
Cheers Snake, pretty much what I wanted to hear :) In saying that, i've been looking at prices and I think it will have to wait a while. Probably keep the S3 for another 6 months or so and start looking properly. The A5 sounds just what i'm after.
I went from an S3 to A5 3.0tdi and I have to say I am little disappointed. Don't get me wrong it is a great car but I miss petrol and the higher revs although I don't miss the fuel economy. This was one of the reasons in getting the A5 because I was averaging around 27mpg in the S3 and currently just under 40 in the A5 so a big saving and more than outweighs the extra lease cost.
One other reason I had the A5 was the boot and rear seat space with a 3 year old and at the time baby on the way the S3 was not going to be big enough. In this respect the A5 has plenty of room and I opted for the 19's with ADS and damper control and it is more comfortable than the S3. Agree with Snake though as you can't throw it about as much.
It is a fairly quick car though and with a remap or tuning box it is probably a little quicker than the S3, it maybe doesn't feel like it as it is heavier and bigger though.
Quality/interior wise though it is far better and the new drls are very smart.
As I said my preference would be petrol but with the kind of mileage I do the S5 was not really an option. Maybe I should have seen what the S3 saloon was going to be like!

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