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Jul 15, 2008
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I noticed a couple of months back that my dash board starting flashing randomly.This happened around the speedo and ref counter at various locations.I had the car into my local dealer last week who fitted and new set of clocks under warranty.
At about the same time i noticed that the MMI had a small blacked out area to the bottom right hand corner.I thought (and still do think) that both problems were related.The dealer also looked at the MMI at the same time but told me that the screen is cracked and that i must of done it as it is a pefect thumb print.I totally disputed this, they asked has someone else driven your car who thought the screen was touch screen to which i replied no.They are adamant its not a warranty issue and i would have to pay £400 for a new MMi to repair the issue.
The only time i ever touch the screen is with a soft cloth when cleaning the interior i also did this with my old B8 saloon with no issues.

I am going to another dealer for a second opinion but thought i would ask if there are any other options available to me? As the crack isnt across the full screen and just in the corner i said to myself i will live with it as i'm not paying £400 but it is annoying.


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My guess is the damage was done when they stripped some of the trim panels to remove the instrument cluster.
If that wasn't there before having the work done then I would be straight back to Teesside Audi - if that's who did it :)
I don't think it looks like it was caused by a thumb at all. If someone though it was touch screen why would they push right on the very edge of the screen. Would be uncomfortable and wouldn't make any sense. Audi run the risk of being seen in the same light as insurance cowboys who dispute every claim
Just to clarify the black spot or crack was there before i took it into Teesside Audi,they removed the MMI to tell me they think its a crack from a finger/thumb print.I have emailed Audi today will see what the response is
ebay easy to swap around aswell

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