HELP!! Lack of power


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May 5, 2013
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Co Durham
Hi guys

I hope someone can help me, my car has suddenly got a lack of power. 2006 2.0TDI Quattro. There was no warning, no strange sound or warning lights on the dash, it will only just reach 30mph. I persume it's in limp mode but shouldn't there be some indication on the dash?

Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance
Got any smoke coming out the back? Any hissing noises coming from the engine bay??

first port of call would be to check the boost hoses. They tend to pop off from the intercooler
No Smoke, the turbo has been whistling for a long time. Where will I find the boost hose?
Right had a check round turbo and intercooler, can't see any signs of a hose off. When revving the engine only noise is the turbo whistling, nothing out of the ordinary. I'll take it for a short run soon just incase it's dropped in "safe mode" to see if it's got over it.
Ok so just taken it for a short drive and everything is back to normal, full power is restored. Now what could have casued that?
Only sure way to find out is to get it scanned with VCDS and see if any faults have been logged.
Being a 140, most likely sticky turbo vanes

get it scanned and go from there but you may be looking at a strip and clean of the turbo or replacing it completely :(
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