Rather unexpected A6 purchase...

Regarding Aero wipers, I ordered a set from TPS cost £26.00 trade.
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Any more pics of your car? It looks spot on. I'm tempted to change my a4 out for a 2.5 tdi A6 Avant and yours isn't helping me be sensible :)

Thanks, coming from an A4 I'm very impressed at the amount of A6 you get for the money.

No more pics since the last ones really, I have a couple of small things I want to do, and hope to get some more pics up in a week or so.
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The weather curtailed my plans somewhat today, but I did manage to get one thing done. Still more to do, but here's a sneak peak...

I wanted to fit the new badge to the back today, so I went to remove the A6 badge.... it's always been on the wrong side, so I know it's been glued on with something. It has come off ok, but what's left behind is like a sealant that has dried hard. Very hard. I can chip it off (to a point) but it's taking the paint off with it. Currently the only damaged area I can cover with a new badge, (a small longer quattro shaped style one) but I'm out of ideas. Only option I can think of is to buy a new A6 badge! I really need something that will dissolve the sealant.

The front looks good anyway.

So you managed to get the S6 grill fitted - well done it looks good - I've not looked at mine properly yet - did you sort the plastic clips or chop the bonnet?
Car made a funny noise after I went through some water last night, I think it was a stone caught between the disc and the guard. Me being impatient decided to pop the wheel off whilst out on the car jack rather than wait till I got home and use a proper trolley jack. I'm amazed just how dangerous the standard jack is, I had only just got the wheel off the ground when the jack fell over and bent the bottom off the ****** door blade on the drivers side :keule:

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with cars :3sadwalk:

Anyway, I've straightened it up so I can at least open the door and it looks ok. The drivers side was a bit damaged, and the passenger side has the rubber missing so I think I'm going to keep an eye out for another front pair. Grrr.
Glad i'm not the only one to fall foul of the audi jack (in the nicest possible way ofcourse). Mine dropped off before just before I got the wheel off :eek:
The "caramel wheel" to remove the badge bonding came yesterday, hope to try it tomorrow.

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Failed, I've had three days off and it pretty much rained non-stop :( Didn't even wash the car. Time was better spent listing more parts of the A4, I've seen the purchase price of the A6 back now so I'm pleased.

More positively, I have some LED's coming from Trups :thumbsup:
I love how much you are modding your stopgap car! :p

The A6 is coming along nicely though mate, looks great with the wheels and door blades.
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I love how much you are modding your stopgap car! :p

You sound like my wife :tocktock:

Trup's LED's came today, just for the puddle and footwell lights initially. My car has 501's in the four puddle lights, and the passenger footwell light oddly, and the drivers and rear footwell lights are festoon's. These are they:

Only had time to swap the drivers side, they look good though I think.

Maybe I am her...with a secret account. Stalking to see how much you spend!

I hope my wife doesn't know, as I am often getting parts delivered to work that she has no idea about ha!

Leds look great, I need to do my interior ones, they're so yellow!
Surely brake cleaner or petrol on a micro fibre cloth would be safer for removing the badge glue? Personally I'd rather not use anything that could abrade or burn my paint.
None of the spirits I tried touched it, white spirit, WD etc, the only thing I didn't try was Tardis (as I didn't have any). It was completely impervious, so wouldn't absorb any kind of liquid. Finally had a go with the caramel wheel today.

It did the job, probably took me a best part of an hour as I kept it well soaked with Last Touch detailing fluid as I was terrified of burning the paint! What you can see is the paint that came off when I lifted the badge the first time, so it's as good as it's going to get. I'll cut the paint back and polish it up and that should hide the worst of it.

When that's done and the weather is kinder I'll put this on which should detract from it quite a lot anyway.

Fitted the rest of the LED's in the doors and footwell lights today, these are a great mod for not much money. I'll be doing to roof lights and the glove box too soon.

James have you got a link to the LED interior bulbs you used - i was dubious of getting some ebay/china ones and throwing up faults - Ive been wanting to do this mod for quite a while, after seeing yours it makes me want them in ASAP!!

It seems we both have the same problem with not being able to leave our 'stopgap' cars alone - I picked mine up and have also been fiddling with it ever since!
James have you got a link to the LED interior bulbs you used - i was dubious of getting some ebay/china ones and throwing up faults - Ive been wanting to do this mod for quite a while, after seeing yours it makes me want them in ASAP!!

It seems we both have the same problem with not being able to leave our 'stopgap' cars alone - I picked mine up and have also been fiddling with it ever since!

I bought the LED's from Trups on here, he runs site sponsor EM Tuning. I paid about £25 for all the puddle and footwell lights, they're great. I will do the rest of the interior soon too.

I think it's an affliction we have! I'm not going to do too much more really I don't think, some nice LED's, Nav and phone kit etc and some tasteful subtle exterior bits and bobs will do. Probably.
With thanks to Scott the RNSd went in today. The B6 one didn't fit, so I bought a codeless C5 one and swapped the backs over. I'll probably source a code for the B6 one I have spare now and sell that on as there aren't many about in that fitment.

I had a Parrot hands free kit in the A4, and was never very impressed. I have a Nokia CK7W years ago, and it was simple and brilliant, so I bought another one, removed from a T5 - £20, ideal. I like the simplicity of the button dial, I'm not one for complicated screens and gimmicks etc.

The install went well, used these guides to work out the speed sensor source and that was it really.


Audi A6 Symphony II to RNS-E Retrofit: How to Update Your Audi With 2010 Electronics (GPSmagazine.com)

Biggest pain is the CD changer doesn't fit in the glovebox like on the A4! I find the C5 glovebox quite pokey and to mount it on top would obscure the light, I might have to relocate that, not sure yet. I see the OEM C5 ones are in the boot, my lead isn't long enough for that! The stereo mutes for the phone, but I get no audio which is annoying, so I need to sort that out but it can't be much. I need to sort the changer and tidy up the Nokia/TMC boxes behind the glovebox anyway.

I think the D suits the C5 interior very well.

I'm sure it will be fine there!

Pleased with the day, thanks to Scott :salute:
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Strong work yesterday!!

Ill have to check out EM tuning and see what they do. I'm after a set for the boot and tailgate light too.

It seems i have the same Nokia kit on my RNS but the jog dial won't work, nor will it pull the info onto the RNS screen meaning i have to select who i want to call on the phone itself :/ ill have to have a look into that as until now i thought it was redundant /for another phone!! any chance you can get a pic of the RNS when in phone mode?!

That install looks real nice, i didn't know it was as involved as removing the clocks to retrofit them though :O

Did you end up removing the glue from the badge delete? if you were nearer i could have dropped you some 3M fast cut. Fast cut isn't too aggressive but has enough oomph to pull bits like that off without a mop...
He'll sort you out any bulbs you need, they're one of two or three of the same fitments anyway.

You won't get phone info on the RNS screen with the Nokia kit, you 'might' be able to with the genuine Audi kit but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else can advise you on the fitment and functionality with that. You've got an RNSd too have you? The button will only answer/terminate a call, or redial last number, or activate voice dialling. If you wish to dial you'll need to key the phone still, I'm going to get a holder for the vent probably to maintain the handsfree approach on journey's. For day to day use I'll rarely use it, but can press the button at least to answer on the rare occasions the phone rings.

I sorted the sound today, the speaker plug in the Nokia box came adrift when I refitted the glovebox! I have ordered some proper fabric loom tape so will mount the boxes and tidy up the wiring when that comes.

The glue residue came off ok in the end thanks, I'm still waiting to fit the new badge on the back.
I see you have cloth seats, would you like a nice set of allroad black & grey leather, including matching Bose door cards? Open to offers, though I am in Aberdeen, so would need to sort out transport! They are not heated, but you could easily move your heat pads into them.
Hi James, they are standard allroad leather, so not sports seats as such, and they are half electric. Generally very good condition, there is one scratch on the back seat squab, but it's not torn through. I took them out to fit a recaro interior from an RS6 plus, so all airbags etc are there & complete.
Thanks Andy, I'll have a think but in reality I'll probably keep saving for the next car for now!
I fitted the CD changer into the glovebox today. Used a £7 Halfords single din box, had to trim it a bit to fit it but not much. It didn't fit in neatly like on the A4, so I had to relocate the light. OEM C5 changers are in the boot I think, but the glovebox is better, and my cable isn't long enough to reach the boot!

I had to cut out the back of the box to allow the changer to fit through.

Here is the light from inside, you wouldn't know it wasn't the OEM fitting.

Just needed to extend the loom and clip the light back in. Ran out of time tonight, more pictures when I refit tomorrow.

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What's next?

Next will be finish the LED interior upgrade I think, slightly longer term will be two new front door blades to replace the damaged ones I have. I might look at some larger spacers as the 8mm ones from the A4 aren't quite enough on the 6, I just want to beef the stance up without lowering it really. Beyond that get a machine on the paintwork to spruce it up for the summer, although it's pretty good already really. Like the A4, I have found the Dolphin Grey paintwork is pretty robust over time. That's about it really, if I fall over a seat of cheap heated leather Recaro's I might have a dabble there...

Fitted the glovebox back in, taking a photo in a dark car on a bright day tested my phone camera a bit, but you get the idea... I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.

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Gave the 6 a good clean today, I'm quite pleased with progress to date.

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A few more little jobs to do....

Buf the lights up a little bit, they look better in the photo's than reality.

Same with the roof bars.

Shine these up well.

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