Help with A3 1.8t bit's


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Nov 16, 2013
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After looking around for a A3 Forum this Site seemed to be a good option. Hopefully some of you fine chaps will be able to chime in now & again with some good advice ;)

I've just bought a A3 Sport 1.8t on a 01 pretty cheap (£600). It does need a little bit of work to a couple of things that haven't been kept on top of but it doesn't seem to hard (he says lolol). Then there's the tuning to start throwing stuff/ £ at :)

First of all there's this Breather Hose that's totally foooked!


I've read that it's a common problem so I'm guessing that there's plenty of O.E replacements readily available?! Thing is, I don't like doing things the easy/ cheaper/ less hassle way lol, so the question is:

Does it even actually need to be there looking so dam ugly, or can I just do a Silicone Hose to Catch Tank set up? If it does have to stay, has anyone made a better/ performance replacement?! If not, are there any pic's around from someone that's made up their own 'better' set up using Silicone Hose etc?

Thanks for any help!!
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Cheers mate, I tried but carn't do it on this dam phone/ forum lol!!!

Edit: Well I've managed it but still it's still not right :0)

Edit2: Finally done it, had to put the Laptop on though!!!
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I susspect that I have the AUM Engine as the Year is right & the Cam Cover also says it


I've read though that the Code should also be on this Tab:

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Thing is, mine just has some nubers etched into it:


Is the Engine Code meant to be here & if so what could these numbers be about?!
Then there's this:


I'm thinking it's something left over from the Airbox as this has been previously been removed & replaced with a Open Filter? What should I be doing with it though, plugging it or just leaving it open? I'm going to trim it right back as far as poss anyway so it's not just haging around!
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Well that tab would scare me right away tbh not come across that before, i can help with the pipe tho, its from the SAI so your options are either - remove which can take around 30mins if your good or leave it as is and stick a small filter on it, i have heard some people just sticking some tights over it for the time being tho.
Cheers mate, just had a look at the SAI 'mod' & think i'll give it a go this weekend.

Don't say that about that Tab :puke:

Can anyone else shed any light on this!?!

The Car did have a Engine fitted 2 years ago but there's recipts from the Garage for it + Clutch & re con Turbo at the same time so surly that Engine wouln't be 'doddgy'!?! I guess that's not impossible now day's but you wouldn't make it as obvious as to change something that much right there in full view!!!!?
Someone please come in on this!!

I'm going to do the SAI & Catch Tank 'mod's' so that's sorted but what about this flippin Tab!?!
It's an AUM.

The plastic pipe is for the SAI.

CBA to answer the rest of the questions.
Yeah mate, I already said just above your Post that I'm going to do the SAI etc but what about this Tab not looking right where the AUM Stamp should be!!!?

'CBA' to answer the rest of the questions' = Is this not the helpful Forum I thought it was then!!?!
no, Jardo is just not a helpful member when he's grumpy :p

The pipe in the bay is the intake for the secondary air injection mate, usually left open like that when the stock air box is removed, no huge deal. if you're worried you could fit a little filter on the end, or remove the SAI system all together as it's not really needed.

As for the tab on the head, that IS where the engine code should be. Usually you'd only ever see one without a code that's been refurbed at some point, which would go hand in hand with you saying it's had a new engine a few years ago.

i really wouldn't worry about what code it may or may not be to be honest, as the rest of the car (loom and sensors etc etc) dictate what parts you would ever need, so to all itents and purposes it is an AUM still as it always was.

If you really want an engine code, it's also on a little tab on teh block down near the starter motor, a right nightmare to read though in a busy engine bay.
Thanks a lot mate, read a load of your Post's so I'll trust what you say! I'll just stop worrying about it for now then lol. I wasn't really tooo bothered to much about which Engine Code it was, just that the Tab wasn't a big red flag!

Looks like I'll be spending quite a bot of time on here as I was already planning a few mod's etc & to top it off my mates just bought a Cupra so I've got him to compete with :) Not going to go mad on this 1 though (he says now.... just like everything else :keule: ) I'll probably just do the decat, FMI etc. I have a brand new T4/ T4 Hybrid that was meant for something else & after reading a few Big Turbo Mod's I thought about going all out but I want to actually drive this Car on the road & keep the Turbo for the Track Car :superman:
haha, it's a slipperly slope man!

It's very common practise for an engine builder to grind off the engine code and stamp on their own number, if anything I'd think it's promising news as it suggests it's been done properly you'd hope.

Being an AUM it's already got the bigger of the two stock turbo's fitted, so that's a bonus. I threw a 3'' DP/decat, cheap silicon intake and a cone filter on my old AUM and with a st1 map it made 224bhp!
Cheers lad's, yeah I've been having a right good old read through that section :yahoo: Be awaiting my many questions lololol