Knocking noise from the front?

lil bob

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Apr 8, 2011
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Hadlow, Kent, UK
Hi all,

I have a knocking noise that sounds like it is coming from the front right side. The suspension modifications on the front are:
Ap coilovers
Powerflex wishbone bushes front & back
Whiteline 22mm ARB with poly bushes
Custom Made droplinks (race rose joints and turnbuckles)
Lemforder steering arms
Top mounts & bearings
I have no idea what is making the noise? This evening I jacked the car up and wobbled the wheels but there was no play that I could feel. Has anyone had this issue before?

I too have a knock from the front, left in my case, only when on left hand down in forward (at low speed, can't put that much lock on at speed!)

I suspect the cv joint in my case (165K) :-(

What's your mileage? do you get it on both locks/straight line, forward and/or reverse? Speed/slow?

Mine old girl has done 157k. It does when I turn going up on my drive left or right, & going over bumpy roads and speed bumps. This is at any speed. I always thought that if a CV joint goes it's more of a clicking noise but i could be wrong?