ABS warning, then Oil Level Stop warning, now service light stuck on.


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Dec 22, 2007
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Hi folks.

I started my car this morning and after a few seconds i got the big red brake symbol flash up then a message saying something like "there is a fault with your ABS system contact a dealer"...(not the exact words).

I stopped and restarted the engine and it came straight back. I was only a mile or so from home so i decided to take it home. After a minute of driving i got another massive warning saying (again im going by memory) "Oil level warning, stop engine immediately and check oil level" I did and it was a little low but still within the guides on the dipstick, so i put a little bit of oil in to be sure. The warning still came up about the oil.....the little abs light was lit but the message about the ABS was being overridden by the oil level.

I couldnt just dump the car where it was as it would have been dangerous and by this point i could pretty much freewheel the car home.

By the time i got it home the ABS light had gone and the oil warning had gone but the word SERVICE is permantly on display.

I have checked the oil again and its towards the MAX level. I run the free version of VAGCOM and there are no ABS faults and no faults in the Engine section other than this :-

17763 - Cylinder 1 Ignition Circuit: Open Circuit
P1355 - 004 - No Signal/Communication

Anyone any ideas what to do next??


might be best if you give us a little more information

which car , what year , engine , gearbox etc etc
might be best if you give us a little more information

which car , what year , engine , gearbox etc etc

Indeed it might ;). Sorry I was stressed

its an a4 1.8t 163. 2002my

ive been looking at it and I've actually pretty much convinced myself this an electrical fault. For all three things to happen instantly seems a little coincidental.

Also ive noticed the little speed warning icon keeps playing with itself.

Ive vey still no idea what to do next and I may be completely wrong.

The engine runs fine and there's lots of oil in it
was the warning for oil yellow or red

if its yellow thats an oil level warning light
if it was red thats an oil pressure warning

the 1.8t engine when it has some miles on it sometimes suffers with the oil pump strainer becoming clogged and blocked