Anyone from South Yorkshire want a half price stealth sub box?


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Sep 26, 2013
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Long story short, there doesn't seem to be anywhere to get a decent 8P stealth box and anyone with an AMSS box will be holding on to them. I found someone in South Yorkshire who offered a half price box (£50) to anyone who could let him use their car to make the mould. I am from Essex so am too far away.

If anyone was interested let me know and I will put you in contact with him. It would do me a favour as I can then buy a full price box from him and so can anyone else here.

An andymac one sold on ebay this week, everything without the amp for £220, they pop up occasionally.

Such a shame Andy isn't around anymore
I know mate, I never knew him as I joined recently but all I have read is great things about his craftsmanship and his helpfulness on the forum. I bid £205 on that auction, was gutted as I was the only bidder in the entire 9 days right up until the last hour and it was only just over £100 then, last seconds it shot up and caught me out :(
Considering a full kit from Andy was around £365 I though it was an ok price, I do kick myself for not buying one when I had the chance though
You can ask him, his eBay shop name is visual ice, you will see a load of boxes on there. He has a couple for the A3 but none for the 8p!
i was looking at that one on ebay but i was sure that the 3 door version didnt fit the sportback as the boot moulding is different
I can't comment on that but he seems willing to do half price boxes to anyone who lets him use their car if he doesn't have the mould already and thinks it would sell.