8P headlight switch


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Nov 9, 2008
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So ive seen one or two cars with this done.

Is it easy? Is it just a case of using my headlight switch casing and using the dial part from the 8P switch?

Want to have ago at doing it but dont fancy chucking £40 away on a 8P switch if itll be no good.
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all i can tell you is a leon & toledo switch will fit straight in & you can use a golf switch if you swap the housing over. All from mk's of the same era.
Yeah ive seen an old thread youd posted in mate, handy to know thanks. Want to fit the 8P center section due to the brushed steel effect.
Have you sorted your engine?
Stud and nut kid,
you must have a massive shed with all these parts in... can i borrow the keys ???
Haha no, just like to stock pile parts pal.

Sat in my garage at the moment is

AGU head
Forge baffled sump
uprated dogbone mount
New engine mounts filled with poly

Then theres the s4 maf and custom 90mm tip I need to finish off haha. Ooh and some new speakers and your 300mm rear brake kit haha.
Mines not.worn at all, its prefacelift so harder wearing, its the centre turn part I want to change just for the 8p one as its brushed steel and looks better, thats it.

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