Headlight Indicator Problem


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Jul 15, 2013
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I recently discovered that my driver's side headlight indicator stopped working. Initially I thought it was the bulb & tried to replace it but that didn't fix the problem. So then I examined the headlight more closely & discovered that the circuit that the bulb connects to had broken... I have no idea how that happened.

So my question is this... would a little bit of soldering in the right places solve the problem & hopefully make the indicator work again or will I need to buy a complete new headlight?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
I have the same issue on my passenger side front indicator, I replaced countless bulbs until I realised the connector had broke, I think I'm going to try and glue it with a bit of superglue, as it seems like the plastic part of the connector is broken, possibly where the previous owner had forced the bulb in?
Could be because of that. But I find it pretty random for it to just stop working like that. Really sucks!

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