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2020 S4 New Owner Questions

JA_D May 5, 2020

  1. JA_D

    JA_D Registered User

    Hi All, I picked up my new S4 a week before lockdown (great timing!) so have managed to cover about 300 miles so far but I have a number of questions on things that I am not sure are working properly:

    1. I have a Pixel 4 that I connect for Android Auto, however, if I leave the phone connected and turn the car off for a short period like getting fuel when I restart the engine Android Auto doesn't load and instead it asks me to follow instructions like I am pairing to bluetooth for the first time (confirm code on screen matches code on phone etc.) and says bluetooth is disabled. Unplugging the phone and plugging it back in doesn't reset it and I have to go into connected devices and select the phone again for android auto to start working but it still looks like bluetooth isn't working.

    2. If I press the media source button and then try to go to radio it won't pick up and DAB stations and I get a funny symbol like a wifi icon with a line through it. The radio only starts working if I turn the engine off and open the door to shut the MMI down completely.

    3. There is a tapping sound from the drivers side of the engine. Could just be a diesel thing...

    Thanks in advance
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  3. BuzzW4

    BuzzW4 Registered User

    Hi and welcome to the S4 club :)

    #1 my MY2018 also does this and it drives me nuts. Have to unplug the phone, turn engine off and start over. Basically you cant have the phone plugged in before you turn the engine on, otherwise you have to re-pair again. Ive had 3 different Android phones, all do it.
    #2 dont get that in mine - but I guess yours is the new MMI, so must have some new featurettes as well as the old ones :)
    #3 diesel, tapping noise? surely not?
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  4. L_G

    L_G Registered User

    Until your post I'd never worked out why it would try and go through the phone pairing process every so often and assumed it was another random 'feature' of the software.
  5. JA_D

    JA_D Registered User

    Cheeky (but probably fair) :)

    Thanks for the info.

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