2020 Nurburgring Trip


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Hi All,

Is there any planned trips for Nurburgring this year from this forum? If not I may arrange one if people are interested... Ja or Nein?

Put your comments / suggestions below, thanks.


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i would be up for that, but i wont be coming in my A6 though since i have replaced it with a Mercedes CLS


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I thought this forum had like an annual trip down to the ring but from the lack of comments obviously not, some of my mates are planning a trip around June.


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I am planning a trip to Nurburgring next year. I have never been to Europe and always wanted to visit this Formula 1 racing track. I am planning to start my trip to Paris. I will stay a week with my girlfriends and then go by train to the Nurburgring track. My dream is to rent a sports car and make some circles on the most dangerous racing track of Formula 1 history. I know that I will spend this a lot of money, but it is not bothering me, because you gain such experience maybe once in a life, and it is worth it.