2020 Audi S4 TDI Avant - What Fuel Economy do you get?


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Hi guys,

Now we are allowed to drive in the UK, I did my first journey (other than a trip to the supermarket) yesterday fully following the updated social distancing rules. I know some people are interested in this topic, so posting for their awareness.

I travelled 143.2 miles, and had an average 45.9 mpg driving in comfort mode. Conditions were motorway and A road driving with no delays. This is probably the best fuel economy for a journey I have ever had, and reflects quiet roads during lock down.

Overall, over ~4000 miles since new my average fuel economy (between fill ups) has ranged between 30.9 mpg and 35.76 mpg (using my own calculations, not the computer), The long term computer in the car (never reset) states 35.7 mpg overall which I feel is slightly over stating compared to my actual. I generally drive in Comfort, never in Efficiency, and sometimes in Dynamic on the right roads.

How does this compare with other S4 TDI drivers. I am heavy or light footed? :grinning:

While my primary reason for selecting this model was not fuel economy, it was a factor in my decision to get the S4 TDI rather than the outgoing petrol S4 as I do ~10,000 miles per year typically. Hope some find this useful.


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Don’t know about the new ones, but on a motorway journey my petrol B9 S4 would hit 40mpg on a cruise. I’m kinda surprised they don’t give a bit more to be honest!

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Just under 5000 miles, mostly fairly gentle commuting on A roads and I have a calculated average mpg of 37.5mpg, whilst the computer shows an average of 37.9mpg (so pretty accurate, really).


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Using about a gallon a month. :sadlike: Not an S4 though.